Our pool is definitely a main attraction and a great addition to any camp or group event. Our large 81ft long and 61ft wide “L” shaped pool has built in seating in the 3ft deep and level section that is 45ft long and 30ft wide. This makes for a perfect area for water sports and group activities. The deep end slopes to 7ft and is clearly roped off and monitored by our well trained certified lifeguards. Our deck space is spacious with many lounge chairs and umbrellas for your comfort.

Water Slides
The Grove at Red Oak Lake has two 32ft tall and 100ft long “Wet Willie” water slides. This is a new twist on an old tradition of summer fun. These are a great addition or main attraction for the guests. All participants wear lifejackets and we staff the slides with lifeguards at the top and bottom. Be ready for a fun ride down and into the water again and again!

Our 35 ft long water blob is an experience that is as much fun to watch as being a part of. Our lifeguards ensure that everyone has a safe and fun time while being the “blobber” or “blobbee”. As with all our lake activities, all participants wear a lifejacket and are supervised by our friendly and well trained certified lifeguards.

Spin Wheel
This has definitely been a big hit with our campers and groups. Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows! Make it a game of rapidly changing directions and test your balance to see who will stay on longer. Want to see it in action? Click here and watch a video.

Water trampoline:
Relax, jump, run, and spend time on our new water trampoline! This is fun for everybody! Let’s face it- who hasn’t looked at a lake and said, “Wow, what this lake really needs is a trampoline, or maybe that’s just us. Either way, we want to encourage you to bring your group and have a great time or enjoying all that God has given us. As with all our lake activities, all participants wear a lifejacket and are supervised by our friendly and well trained certified lifeguards.

While you are here or planning your next event don’t pass up an opportunity to find a way to enjoy our six acre pond centrally located in the heart of the campus. Whether you are enjoying it from a rocking chair on two of our back porches, spending quiet time at the cross at the amphitheater, or enjoying any of our exciting recreation activities such as our water blob, water trampoline, two water slides, canoeing around the water fountains you are sure to have a wonderful time. Our hope and prayer is that each person uses this beautiful attraction in such a way that it helps to develop your relationship with the Lord.

Mud Pit:
Tug-o-war, relay games, tag, keep away, and any other game you can think of have never been so much fun as when you play them is a large pit full of local Tennessee mud! You can swing, jump, slip, slide and definitely fall into our pit. After you climb or crawl your way out you can use our “shower off” station…. That reminds me please use our “shower off” station! Be sure to bring your camera and clothes you don’t mind throwing away. We do staff this activity to ensure safety and facilitate different games.