Grove Auditorium:
The Grove Auditorium is our largest meeting space. It will accommodate 300 people seated at round tables, or 500 seated in chairs. To the right of the front door is a small room with a refrigerator/freezer and microwave for your convenience. When you walk in the front door, you enter into an open room. On the far end of the room is a two-level stage with three access points and two staging rooms. On either side of the first level, are doors that lead outside to the 200 person amphitheater directly behind the auditorium. The back of the stage is floor to ceiling windows with a breathtaking view of the lake, amphitheater, and cross.

Grove Dining Hall:
The Grove Dining Hall is a spacious meeting room with a beautiful fireplace that accommodates 300 people seated at round tables. A commercial kitchen with two serving buffets is located on the right end. We serve all our meals for overnight guests from this building. When we have multiple groups, we have partitioned walls to accommodate separate eating spaces. The hall can be rented for parties, banquets, and other events. Our kitchen staff does a wonderful job of catering these events as well. Table Linens can be rented for a very reasonable fee. We have a portable podium and microphone access for your speaker’s convenience. You are also welcome to use our in-house sound system to play CDs during your event.

Whether you are looking for conference space or recreation opportunities, The Grove at Red Oak Lake has multiple options that meet your needs and enhance your experience. Our goal is to provide you with an environment that inspires and rejuvenates your organization. You can choose from adventure based team building activities Memphis or a casual leisure setting that is peaceful and inspiring. You can choose from adventure based team building activities or a casual leisure setting that is peaceful and inspiring.

Snack Shack
What better way to cool off during summer in the Mid-South than with one of The Grove at Red Oak Lake’s famous snow cones! We have many flavors to choose from and we are creating new ones all the time. We also carry a large selection of traditional snack items. Snack shack is scheduled at time of your choosing.