Climbing Wall:
Our new climbing wall is state of the art with three auto belay systems. With a variety of holds and angles the wall is great for beginners and even those with advanced climbing skills.

Giant Swing
Giant Swing
What’s better than a 60ft tall GIANT swing? Two 60ft tall GIANT swings which are compltely unique in the Memphis area! That’s right you can swing toward each other from a six story drop.

This is a true team effort and the person swinging has total control of their height and when they swing. Simple tell your team to stop pulling at the desired height, pause a moment to soak in the scenery, take a deep breath (you’re going to need it for the scream) and pull the rip cord.

This is a great corporate team building Memphis activity; trusts, setting personal and group goals, integrity are themes often processed from this element.

Tree Top Adventure Challenge Course
You’ve never done a challenge course like this before. This new system is the SAFEST, fastest, and easiest to use. Campers of all ages can utilize this system and enjoy traversing through the trees. Each participant has the choice to do just the course or zip-line or both! As with our other activities, this activity is also available at night, how cool is that!

Disc Golf

Plan to play our well maintained 18 hole top rated disc golf course. This course is truly one of the best around. Course is always open to the guest and occasionally open to the public. The course has a great mixture of hard woods, open spaces, and water hazards. Please check our face book page for course availability.

Bazooka Ball
Bazooka ball is one of the fastest way to get a group up and moving! This game is truly for everyone. All ages can play at the same time; two teams of ten or less enter the 35×45 net and are given safety glasses, bazooka ball guns and 700 bazooka balls. The event has a Grove staff referee and games are fast and exciting. Each game last about five to seven minutes, allowing for a lot of play and rotation of players. Make no mistake about it, this game is fun! Legends will be made and the laughter will be heard all over campus.

Cosmic Dodge Ball:
Warning!!! This is not the dodge ball you played in P.E. — Not unless it was glow in the dark, had smoke machines, lasers, black lights, and high energy music that keeps the crowd and players energized and ready for the next round. This is a must have for any group wanting to add something different and give their campers an experience that they will remember long after they have gone. Games consist of two teams of six players and six “soft” glow in the dark balls. The event is managed by a Grove staff referee. Games are fast, fun, and exciting. If you would like to utilize this event as a ministry outreach tool, call us for info. We want to encourage and support you in your efforts.

Knockerball™ is a single chamber inflatable sphere with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Knockerballs™ range from 1.2 Meters to 1.5 Meters and the size or fit is predicated on your height. Knockerballs™ can be used singularly to perfect your rolls, flips, and wheels. “KnockerBallers” describe the sensation as almost defying gravity, just imagine the sensation and mobility that a Knockerball™ allows you to experience without putting any stress on the body. With two or more Knockerballs™ the experience is catapulted into rip roaring laughter, exhilarating knocks and rolls that will keep you coming back for more.

Gopher Ball
This is a fast paced team activity, two teams of ten on each team pass the ball and attempt to score in the opponent’s goal. And yes! You can pass the ball under the deck. Gofer Ball is in a covered pavilion and can be played day or night.

Arrow Tag
That’s right! Two words you never thought you could put together to describe a game. Don’t worry we shoot modified arrows and all players are wearing protective gear. Teams hide behind barricades and attempt to shoot each other. This activity is tons of fun and makes for great memories.

Guided Recreation
Guided Recreation:
Looking for something to spice up your Memphis area team building or special event? We can help. Our trained staff can offer recreation options that are purely fun by design or we can develop an activity that supports your theme and complements what you’re trying to achieve with your group. Pricing varies depending on group size and activity due to staffing and equipment needs. We can offer initiative games, night hikes, team building and problem solving activities, geocaching, and organized mass chaos type games.

Slacklining is a fast growing highly social activity that always draws a crowd and can be set up almost anywhere. The idea is to attach a line between two fixed objects usually 15–30ft long and traverse from one point to the other with no assistance. Remarkably, with a little practice, your coordination kicks in and you begin to stabilize yourself. Slacklining is does more than develop balance, concentration, and core strength; it also increases your self-esteem and confidence with every attempt. We have created a slack line training area and can also set up a slackline 35ft long and 10ft above our lake for the truly daring to attempt.

Gaga Ball:
What is Gaga Ball? Gaga ball is a term roughly translated from a Hebrew word meaning “hit, or touch, touch”. The game has its origin in Israel and was very popular in camps, and community centers. In the past ten years the game has seen rapid growth and enthusiasm here in the United States in camps, campuses, youth groups, corporate parties, recreation and community retreat centers Memphis. Our Gaga pit can play up to seventeen players at a time. Players rotate in and out fairly quickly making this a great activity for your entire group.

Two volleyball courts are available for your convenience. One is a regulation size white sand volleyball court, so take your shoes off and have some fun in the sun and sand. The other is portable and able to be set up most anywhere on campus per your request.

Nature Trails:
Our nature trails are well maintained and perfect for a peaceful stroll, morning jog, and don’t forget that a day or night hike around the property always makes for a great group activity.

Hay Rides:
In keeping with old time tradition, and a few modern comforts added, hay rides are a great addition to any group’s plans. Don’t forget that hay rides are always better if they end at a bonfire with s’mores!

Bon Fire:
Nothing says camp like a good old fashioned camp fire. The sights, sounds, warmth, and smells of a fire bring back and generate memories and conversations guaranteed to last long after you have returned home. Bon fires are provided upon request and are complementary with all overnight groups. Groups are welcome to bring their own s’mores makings.